Prairie City and Dayville compete at 1A Special District 4 Championships

The Prairie City Panthers will send three track and field boys to state, advancing from Friday’s 1A Special District 4 Championships in Baker City.

“Things went really well for our team,” said Prairie City head coach Nate Barber. “Everyone was able to PR in at least one event. We were able to get a few athletes on the podium to place in the top six.”

Seniors Levi Burke and Syd Holman and junior Tristan McMahan will make the trip to compete Friday-Saturday, May 17-18, at Western Oregon University in Monmouth at OSAA’s 1A Track and Field Championships.

Burke is district high jump champion, after clearing the bar with a mark of 6-05, and he placed second in javelin with a throw of 151-01.

“Levi was running around doing high jump, javelin and long jump all at the same time,” Barber said. “I think this might have made his legs a little tired when he was finishing up his long jump.”

Burke was in second place in the preliminaries for long jump, but was outjumped in the finals to take fifth.

“Syd had an excellent race in the 100,” Barber said, adding it was a photo finish. “We have a very fast district.”

Holman finished in third place, clocking in at 11.67. He also had his personal best time in the 200-meter dash, finishing fourth, and set a personal record in the long jump, placing third with a mark of 19-04.25.

Tristan McMahan is fairly new to the 110-meter hurdles but placed fourth with a time of 16.83.

“Tristan has only competed in the 110 hurdles at one other meet, so his technique will get better and his times will get faster by the time we get to state this weekend,” Barber said. “As long as we can keep them all healthy and have a good week of practice, we should be able to finish well.”

McMahan also set a personal record in triple jump, placing fifth, and was eighth in long jump.

Senior Jonathan Lawrence placed seventh in the 1,500, with a personal best time, and Jake McHatton, a junior, finished fourth in discus.

For the girls, Abbey Pfefferkorn had her personal best record in the 200, placing fourth with a time of 29.44, and Paige Moore placed seventh in the 400, setting a personal record. Samantha Workman had a season-best effort in pole vault, finishing seventh.

Dayville Tiger athletes, led by head coach Josh Williams, came away with several personal records, but the team of seven ended their season at the district championships.

“I feel that we finished up the track season strong,” Williams said. “Whether it was throwing or running, my athletes kept improving almost every meet.”

He said their goals at the beginning of the season included working hard as individuals, and he feels his team met those expectations.

Senior Austin Walker set personal records in the 100, shot put and javelin, and freshman Haylee Collins had personal bests in 100, discus and javelin.

“I’m proud of all my athletes this year and hope they had a lot of fun competing in track,” he said. “I’ll miss my seniors, Gabe (Walker-Hopkins) and Austin Walker but look forward to continue working with the younger athletes next year.” (See results below.)

Monument and Long Creek battle at 1A Special District 3 Championships

Monument Tiger Mark Thomas, a sophomore, set a personal record in the 1,500, and finished in second with a time of 4:22.37 at Saturday's 1A Special District 3 Championships in Moro.

He also drew a wild card for the 800-meter run, finishing in third in that event with a personal best time of 2:09.28.

Thomas will advance to the OSAA 1A State Track and Field Championships set for Friday-Saturday at Western Oregon University in Monmouth.

Monument head coach Jeff Schafer said he is proud of his team.

“Everyone made the podium at districts,” he said, noting freshman Nic Ciochetti was unable to attend the event. “My athletes worked so hard this season, and it definitely showed as they kept setting new PRs each track meet.”

Coach Schafer said he was impressed with Faythe Schafer as captain for the team, despite having a full load at school as a senior.

“She is a strong competitor and a great team leader,” Schafer said. “It was great to have an older student on the team to help set the tone and the younger athletes can look up to.”

Faythe placed fourth in discus at the district meet with a throw of 85-0.

The coach said his other athletes, Thomas, Ciochetti, sophomore Donovan Schafer and Aubreianna Osborne have a “ton of potential” for the coming seasons.

“I am excited to see what the future holds for these track athletes next year,” the coach said. “It was a fantastic season. I am so proud of what the Tigers accomplished.”

Long Creek head coach Linda Studtmann led a team of 13 athletes this season.

Several of the Mountaineers came close to qualifying for state, including sophomore Lucchese Douglas who placed third in javelin with her personal best throw of 90-03 and sophomore Dorotha Johnson who landed in third in triple jump.

Senior Gladys Johnson had personal best throws in shot put and javelin.

For the boys, the relay team of sophomore Thomas Kreamier, junior Henry Grannis, freshman Carter Burnette and junior James Kreamier set a personal record in the 4x100-meter relay with a time of 48.35 to place third, shaving over 1.5 seconds off their time.

Grannis improved his discus throw by over 9 feet with a 102-06 to place fifth out of 19 athletes and bettered his time in the 100.

Burnette extended his throw in discus and javelin.

Senior Mathéo Buchart had personal best records in his three events, 100, shot put and javelin.

Studtmann said that although none are advancing to state, she was impressed with her athletes pushing themselves at the district championships.

“They did great, and I’m proud of them,” she said.

(See results below.)

OSAA 1A Special District 4 Championships - Prairie City, Dayville

Boys Results


100 Meters - Finals

3. 12 Syd Holman 11.67a Prairie City

21. 12 Gabriel Walker-Hopkins 13.19a Dayville

22. 9 Jaydon Hoffman 13.32a Dayville

29. 12 Austin Walker 14.29aPR Dayville

 200 Meters - Finals

4. 12 Syd Holman 24.09aPR Prairie City

20. 12 Gabriel Walker-Hopkins 26.71a Dayville

400 Meters - Finals

16. 12 Jonathan Lawrence 1:03.45aPR Prairie City

1500 Meters - Finals

7. 12 Jonathan Lawrence 4:46.32aPR Prairie City

3000 Meters - Finals

8. 12 Jonathan Lawrence 11:41.27a Prairie City

12. 9 Zach Ferguison 12:51.20a Dayville

110m Hurdles - 39" - Finals

4. 10 Tristan McMahan 16.83aPR Prairie City

300m Hurdles - 36" - Finals

9. 10 Tristan McMahan 46.21a Prairie City

17. 12 Gabriel Walker-Hopkins 52.91a Dayville

Shot Put - 12lb - Finals

9. 11 Jake McHatton 34-02.00 Prairie City

Shot Put - 12lb - Prelims

9. 11 Jake McHatton 34-02.00 Prairie City

16. 12 Austin Walker 30-03.50PR Dayville

Discus - 1.6kg - Finals

4. 11 Jake McHatton 108-03 Prairie City

Discus - 1.6kg - Prelims

3. 11 Jake McHatton 108-03 Prairie City

22. 9 Jaydon Hoffman 69-05 Dayville

27. 9 Ethan Walker 52-08PR Dayville

Javelin - 800g - Finals

2. 12 Levi Burke 151-01 Prairie City

Javelin - 800g - Prelims

2. 12 Levi Burke 151-01 Prairie City

15. 12 Syd Holman 102-00 Prairie City

21. 12 Austin Walker 82-08PR Dayville

25. 11 Jake McHatton 67-10 Prairie City

High Jump - Finals

1. 12 Levi Burke 6-05.00 Prairie City

Long Jump - Finals

3. 12 Syd Holman 19-04.25PR Prairie City

5. 12 Levi Burke 19-04.00 Prairie City

8. 10 Tristan McMahan 18-10.00 Prairie City

Long Jump - Prelims

2. 12 Levi Burke 19-04.00 Prairie City

5. 10 Tristan McMahan 18-10.00 Prairie City

8. 12 Syd Holman 18-03.75 Prairie City

30. 9 Jaydon Hoffman 11-07.00 Dayville

31. 9 Ethan Walker 11-03.00PR Dayville

Triple Jump - Finals

5. 10 Tristan McMahan 38-03.50PR Prairie City

Triple Jump - Prelims

7. 10 Tristan McMahan 37-04.00 Prairie City

100 Meters - Finals

Girls Results

11. 10 Abbey Pfefferkorn 14.50a Prairie City

14. 10 Mikiah Kimble 14.84aPR Prairie City

17. 10 Haylee Collins 15.22aPR Dayville

18. 11 Rilee Emmel 15.24a Prairie City

200 Meters - Finals

4. 10 Abbey Pfefferkorn 29.44aPR Prairie City

10. 10 Mikiah Kimble 30.45aPR Prairie City

13. 11 Rilee Emmel 31.80a Prairie City

400 Meters - Finals

7. 12 Paige Moore 1:27.42aPR Prairie City

4x100 Relay - Finals

6. Mikiah Kimble

Samantha Workman

Rilee Emmel

Abbey Pfefferkorn 57.25a Prairie City

Shot Put - 4kg - Prelims

13. 10 Haylee Collins 25-03.50 Dayville

15. 12 Haley Pfefferkorn 24-10.00 Prairie City

21. 9 Hallie Rhoda 22-04.00 Dayville

30. 12 Paige Moore 17-11.00PR Prairie City

Discus - 1kg - Finals

8. 12 Haley Pfefferkorn 84-10 Prairie City

Discus - 1kg - Prelims

9. 12 Haley Pfefferkorn 80-09 Prairie City

18. 9 Hallie Rhoda 60-00PR Dayville

26. 10 Haylee Collins 51-09PR Dayville

Javelin - 600g - Finals

9. 12 Haley Pfefferkorn 99-01SR Prairie City

Javelin - 600g - Prelims

8. 12 Haley Pfefferkorn 98-03 Prairie City

18. 11 Rilee Emmel 70-09 Prairie City

25. 9 Hallie Rhoda 50-11 Dayville

26. 10 Haylee Collins 40-01PR Dayville

High Jump - Finals

7. 10 Abbey Pfefferkorn 4-02.00 Prairie City

8. 10 Mikiah Kimble 4-02.00 Prairie City

Pole Vault - Finals

5. 10 Samantha Workman 6-03.00SR Prairie City

Long Jump - Finals

7. 10 Samantha Workman 12-10.00 Prairie City

Long Jump - Prelims

7. 10 Samantha Workman 12-10.00 Prairie City

Triple Jump - Finals

7. 10 Samantha Workman 30-00.25SR Prairie City

Triple Jump - Prelims

7. 10 Samantha Workman 29-05.00 Prairie City

OSAA 1A Special District 3 Championships — Monument, Dayville

Boys Results


100 Meters Varsity - Finals x

8. 11 James Kreamier 12.23a Long Creek

9. 11 Henry Grannis 12.23aPR Long Creek

14. 12 Matheo Buchart 13.29aPR Long Creek

400 Meters - Finals

5. 10 Thomas Kreamier 56.62aPR Long Creek

800 Meters - Finals

3. 10 Mark Thomas 2:09.28aPR Monument

9. 9 Carter Burnette 2:31.30a Long Creek

1500 Meters - Finals

2. 10 Mark Thomas 4:22.37aPR Monument

4x100 Relay - Finals

3. Thomas Kreamier

Henry Grannis

Carter Burnette

James Kreamier 48.35a Long Creek

Shot Put - 12lb - Finals

8. 12 Matheo Buchart 33-09.50PR Long Creek

Discus - 1.6kg - Finals

3. 10 Donovan Schafer 110-07 Monument

5. 11 Henry Grannis 102-06PR Long Creek

11. 9 Carter Burnette 80-03PR Long Creek

Javelin - 800g - Finals

10. 10 Donovan Schafer 107-00.50 Monument

11. 9 Carter Burnette 106-00PR Long Creek

16. 12 Matheo Buchart 91-06PR Long Creek

Triple Jump - Finals

5. 11 James Kreamier 37-03.25 Long Creek

Girls Results

100 Meters - Finals

6. 10 Lucchese Douglas 14.21a Long Creek

400 Meters - Finals

8. 10 Lucchese Douglas 1:11.54a Long Creek

800 Meters - Finals

6. 9 Aubreianna Osborne 2:58.55a Monument

Shot Put - 4kg - Finals

10. 10 Lucchese Douglas 26-05.50 Long Creek

12. 12 Gladys Johnson 24-09.50 Long Creek

16. 10 Dorotha Johnson 19-07.00 Long Creek

Discus - 1kg - Finals

4. 12 Faythe Schafer 85-00 Monument

8. 12 Gladys Johnson 71-05.50PR Long Creek

Javelin - 600g - Finals

3. 10 Lucchese Douglas 90-03PR Long Creek

9. 12 Gladys Johnson 66-03PR Long Creek

10. 9 Aubreianna Osborne 63-08 Monument

Long Jump - Finals

9. 10 Dorotha Johnson 12-09.25 Long Creek

Triple Jump - Finals

3. 10 Dorotha Johnson 27-10.50 Long Creek

Angel Carpenter is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. She can be contacted at or 541-575-0710.


Angel Carpenter is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. She can be contacted at or 541-575-0710.

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