JOHN DAY — It was a smooth ride at Sunday’s Cowkids Rodeo at the Grant County rodeo arena.

Over 90 kids — from ages 16 months to 16 years — took part in the excitement of the day.

Contestants came from Grant County as well as Baker, Burns, Vale, Ontario and even as far as Idaho.

The events ranged from goat tying to steer wrestling.

Simmie Waddel has organized the John Day event for the past four years, and she’s been involved for 13 years, since her oldest child began at age 2.

Her children, and many other rodeo participants, are involved in the summertime Cinnabar Mountain Playdays rodeos in Mt. Vernon at Burton Arena.

“It gives them (the youth) an event right along with the Playdays,” she said. “Not all the kids have an opportunity to go to a rodeo with 90 contestants — it’s more realistic, and they have all the roughstock, and the timed events.”

Two cowkids shared their rodeo experience.

Rowdy Israel, 9, said she’s been participating in Cowkids for three years.

She practices at home with her mom, Nicole’s, help, and she’s involved with the Playdays rodeos.

Rowdy kept busy Sunday, participating in all but two events.

She said it was fun to compete in the events with her horse, Peanut.

“I loved it,” she said. “It was really awesome.”

Warner Robertson, 14, works with cattle on his family’s ranch, building and fixing fence and running equipment.

He doesn’t ride steer at home though — steer riding is the one event he chooses at the Cowkids Rodeo.

“This is my third time doing it,” he said. “I like the thrill of it; I like the adrenaline rush.”

Waddel called the event a success.

“Everything went really great,” she said. “The kids had a ton of fun, even though it was a long day. I didn’t hear any complaints.”

First-place winners received belt buckles (acquired from Pioneer Feed); second-place, rodeo baseball caps (with stitching from A-Plus Stitching); third-place, insulated lunch boxes (also with embroidery from A-Plus Stitching).

Both businesses gave a significant discount for the prizes, Waddel said.

Announcer Mark Bagett kept the event running smoothly, she added.

Stock was provided by Trevor Knowles, and the McCracken, McDaniel and Waddel families.

“I’d like to give a big thank-you to Mark and the volunteers that helped out — parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles,” Waddel said.

Cowkids Rodeo results

Senior – ages 13-16

Senior Steer Riding

1st, Marcus Delgado, 4.12

2nd, Warner Robertson, 3.34

3rd, Cinch Anderson, 2.79

Senior Breakaway Roping

1st, Karry Davis, 6.38

Senior Barrels

1st, Carley Pewonka, 19.4

2nd, Trinity Hutchison, 20.37

3rd, Marcus Delgado, 21.94

Senior Poles

1st, Carley Pewonka, 28.65

2nd, Cinch Anderson, 28.94

3rd, Karry Davis, 29.69

Senior Goat Tying

1st, Carley Pewonka, 17.5

2nd, Trinity Hutchison, 21.72

3rd, Cinch Anderson, 23.82

Senior Dummy Roping

1st, Ty McDaniel

2nd, Denali Twehues

3rd, Trinity Hutchison

Junior – ages 10-12

Junior Steer Riding

1st, Blanca Lopez, 3.31

2nd, Wyatt Wood, 2.97

3rd, Jack Strong, 2.25

Junior Barrels

1st, Paige Pentzer, 19.16

2nd, Karmen Molina, 21.28

3rd, Lacy Churchfield, 24.31

Junior Poles

1st, Paige Pentzer, 23.69

2nd, Lane Clark, 29.88

3rd, Sam McCracken, 36.22

Junior Goat Tying

1st, Lacy Churchfield, 14.28

2nd, Paige Pantzer, 17.78

3rd, Wyatt Wood, 31

Youth – ages 6-9

Youth Calf Riding

1st, Cash Moore, 4.37

2nd, Colton Clark, 2.56

3rd, Charlie Knowles, 1.85

Youth Poles

1st, Bailey McCracken, 23.85

2nd, Callie Jo Arriola, 29.87

3rd, Taylor Churchfield, 29.91

Youth Barrels

1st, Sarah Clark, 19.94

2nd, Bailey McCracken, 21.75

3rd, Callie Jo Arriola, 23.15

Youth Dummy Roping

1st, Colton Clark

2nd, Taylor Churchfield

3rd, Rowdy Israel

Youth Goat Tail Tying

1st, Callie Jo Arriola, 18.43

2nd, Rowdy Israel, 18.87

3rd, Bailey McCracken, 23.22

Pee Wee – ages 0-5

Wooly Bullies

1st, Jerret Waddel, 3.15

2nd, Jack Knowles, 2

3rd, Paxton Waggoner, 2.01

Pee Wee Poles

1st, Kodee Kimball, 46.12

2nd, Kali Waggoner, 52.66

3rd, Ruby Hopper, 1.04.16

Goat Tail Undecorating

1st, Kodee Kimball, 15.57

2nd, Jerett Waddel, 15.88

3rd, Curz Trevino, 19.38

Pee Wee Barrels

1st, Gus Rowell, 44.38

2nd, Ruby Hopper, 46.75

3rd, Kali Waggoner, 1.01.25

Pee Wee Dummy Roping

1st, Jerret Waddel

2nd, Paxton Waggoner

3rd, Kodee Kimball

Some timed results were not available.

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