Youths who competed in this year’s Cinnabar Mountain Playdays youth rodeo series met with family and friends Sunday for their season-end banquet.

Six youth rodeos were held at the Grant County Fairgrounds in John Day this summer, with the kids competing in events such as pole bending, figure 8, barrels and goat tying. The youths racked up points for each event they completed during each rodeo.

First- and second-place winners received buckles and spurs from Lonestar Silversmiths, and third-place winners received halters by Toolin Turquoise Leather Co. The fourth and sixth-place finishers were given jackets and boot bags embroidered by MaryAnn Vidourek of A+ Stitching, and fifth-place winners received leather-embellished hat boxes by Clair Kehrberg.

Outgoing CMP board president Didgette McCracken said she enjoys the opportunity the youth rodeos give for families to be together, learning horsemanship and individual competition.

“I’ve definitely enjoyed watching the kids improve,” she said. “It’s lots of fun to watch.”

She said she is stepping down due to other commitments with her children.

“I look forward to fresh ideas from new board members who will bring their own experiences with rodeo,” she said. “We’re looking forward to 2019 and continuing to grow and thrive.”

To volunteer or for more information, call Emma Winkelman at 541-620-1199.

Cinnabar Mountain Playdays 2018


Cole Holly, first, 310

Mason Young, second, 301

Rhys Young, third, 240.5

Millee McCoin, fourth, 239.5

Ben Henslee, fifth, 233

Grayson Schmadeka, sixth, 228


Addison Wilson, first, 346.5

Isabelle Rosebrook, second, 321

Bransyn Harper, third, 284.5

Blake Kimball, fourth, 65.5


Tatyn Harper, first, 301.5

Laina Singhose, second, 298

Tavin Desadier, third, 279

Shayna Marciel, fourth, 259

Taylor Hamilton, fifth, 248

Brooklyn Kimball, sixth, 212


Coy Mathiasen, first, 295.5

Sam McCracken, second, 267.5

Callie Jo Arriola, third, 253.5

Rowdy Israel, fourth, 215

Bailey McCracken, fifth, 205

Aaliyah Marciel, sixth, 187.5

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